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Overcome knowledge gaps, boost productivity, and tackle
communication challenges in the era of technological disruption.

You are under tremendous pressure

You know all too well that the most efficient business with the highest-performing talent wins in your space.

Yet scaling businesses face significant challenges, including incomplete knowledge transfer, fluctuating productivity levels, and costly misalignments and communication issues averaging $12,506 per employee.


Achieve unmatched
operational efficiency with AI

Imagine an avatar that functions as your mascot and gets introduced to your company and workflows. Your corporate mascot embodies your company’s operating model, streamlining onboarding and providing all employees instant access to vital operational data.

Boost efficiency by bringing this indispensable mascot on board. Your mascot “knows” everything about your workflow, policies, and procedures and empowers your organization in seconds.

Bring new teams and employees up to speed and perform at a pace never experienced before while you generate hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in annual cost savings for the business.

Revolutionize employee onboarding
and ongoing training

Your avatar is pre-trained for how work gets done in your organization.

Company policies, procedures, and business operations are at your employees’ fingertips with generative information stored in the cognitive cloud.

Employees no longer waste time searching through static wikis and manuals or scanning pages and paragraphs to find the answers they need.

Employees simply ask the avatar questions and it retrieves the relevant data based on its understanding of the query’s meaning. Not only does this save time but also improves the overall efficiency of your organization’s operating model by providing quick and accurate access to crucial information.

Elevate teams with AI-driven assessment insights & streamlined communications

Your avatar collects, analyzes, and breaks down assessment insights, so employees save time by accessing instantly.

The avatar performs a semantic synthesis of the collective results and provides a generative answer that coheres and coalesces into one voice instead of many.

How does it work?

Partner with AI leaders and seasoned expert advisors who work in collaboration with your organization’s leadership to harness the cutting-edge advancements that will optimize your operations.


Enable your leadership team to shape feature prioritization, augmenting your AI expertise dedicated to optimizing your operations.


Build a solid foundation for seamless AI integration as a core technology in your workflow by establishing in-house cognitive capabilities with the avatar.


Drive growth through efficient scaling. As routine onboarding tasks are automated, the organization becomes more aligned, and productivity increases.


Once the foundation is laid, you can expand upon the initial capacities.

Secure your IP with a custom on-premise AI avatar
and industry-leading expertise
Image by Kaleidico

Custom GPT

Your corporate avatar is a custom, generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) on your data platform, fostering secure experimentation while protecting your IP from exposure or misuse in other AI training.

Image by krakenimages

Expert Guided Customization

Get enterprise-specific, operational model expertise on the customization and fine tuning of your avatar to utilize your organization's data while being kept on premise.

Maximize ROI with a fine-tuned avatar

Your customized and fine-tuned avatar delivers better results

than “out of the box” models, leading to a higher ROI.


Consider the following scenarios for a 500-person organization

growing its headcount at a rate of 10%-25% annually:


If the average time to onboard a new employee is 4 weeks and your avatar makes the process 80% more efficient, you would save 3.2 weeks of onboarding time per employee or 160 weeks of onboarding time per year.


If the average cost to onboard a new employee is $4,000 and your avatar makes the process 80% more efficient, you would save between $160,000 and $400,000 annually.

If the average cost of communication breakdowns is $12,506 per employee and your avatar reduces this loss by 80%, you would save $5,002,400 annually.

Colleagues at Work

How you'll benefit


Accelerate your growth trajectory by creating a reservoir of cognitive bandwidth so you can scale more efficiently. 

Free up your talent to be more effective, and get new employees up to speed faster.


By efficiently extracting, summarizing, and retrieving semantic information, your avatar improves understanding of data, provides relevant insights and recommendations tailored to specific situations so you can make more informed decisions.


Secure a competitive advantage by leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology, expertly
tailored to your needs and supported by industry-leading advisors on operational models that scale your organization.


Introduce employees to AI from the moment they join. Free up your employees’ cognitive bandwidth by automating routine searches, onboarding tasks, and repetitive operational queries, clearing valuable time for strategy, innovation, and productivity.




Nathalie is the CEO and Founder of LeadingClearly where she works with organizations of all sizes and across industries to develop their capabilities to embrace change as a strategic advantage.

Nathalie supports the success of her clients with her deep experience in digital engineering, studies in Organizational Analysis at Stanford University, Coaching from CTI, and a Master’s degree in Psychology from CIIS and Science from the Technion.

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Jared is the CEO and Founder of Universitas.Ai, a non-profit platform accelerating AI research and ventures through Cognitive Cloud Computing. Jared has been at the leading edge of unlocking the power of AI and disrupting the industry across verticals.


Jared is a serial entrepreneur, disruptor and Deep Learning researcher with a Ph.D. in Digital Design and Master’s degree in Theological Studies from Harvard University.

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